Facilities maintenance is crucial to a company’s ability to operate efficiently. You have to balance man power, cost controls and priorities while adhering to Government and industry regulations and standards.

At Aberdeen Proving Ground, DPW’s Facility Management System (FMS) and GFEBS require detailed processes for data input. Over many years managing APG’s assets, VanJoh has developed a process to efficiently and accurately update asset information in these systems. There are several sources responsible for delivering project data, and each source reports this data differently, requiring close attention to ensure all data is collected and tracked properly.

At VanJoh, our workforce capabilities include highly experienced personnel in GFEBS and FMS Systems, Warehouse and Inventory Management and IT Development.  Our full-range of facilities management services include:


Facility Management System: Facilities Management System (FMS) is web based application that allows DPW to manage, capture, track, and perform: inspection, maintenance and repair activities. FMS provides local access to critical asset data. FMS currently has an Enterprise Con and allows CAC enabled user access. FMS currently provides the following modules: Asset Management, Work Order Management, Warranty Management, Warehouse Management and Inventory Management.
Project Management Tracking: In support of DPW’s requirement to track various request, VanJoh developed a web based program to create project requests relating to Individual Job Orders (IJO), initially providing sufficient information to create the DD4283 FORM, providing a centralized location to store all required information and obtain approvals for all required documentation. Stored data will also provide the information necessary to create project definitions in cProjects and GFEBS Project Systems. The program can also track the progress of a project from submittal through completion.

Workflow Process Tracking: As a result of ePRISMS implementation, VanJoh quickly realized the requirement to enforce a work flow process to track and document program progress and provide status updates. To maintain ePRISMS QAP compliance and manage work flow beyond ePRISMS, VanJoh developed an online tracking tool to manage each step of the Facility Utilization Study from coordinating field investigations through GFEBS reconciliation. Our system provides the capability to manage multiple surveys, track approvals and deliver final results. As an additional benefit, APG’s Survey Tool allows the end user to see and compare multiple data sets (ePRISMS, GFEBS, HQIIs) in one view.

Content Management System: Content management is how your organization stores, manages, tracks and retrieves its electronic documents. Managing information across your organization can be a difficult and frustrating challenge. While supporting DPW’s mission to manage and track as-built drawings it became apparent there was a need to track additional content. VanJoh was able to recognize DPW’s unique requirement to track and manage their organizational data. With this in mind, the existing system is being updated to include new features such as search criteria aligned with Tri-Service & CADD standards to provide increased capabilities to store Project Close Out information (UFC 1-300-08), Asbestos Documentation, and other critical data. VanJoh has been providing services, since 2000, to track and manage APG’s Facilities. The existing system is being integrated into DPW’s Web Page for increased accessibility and security.


VanJoh is committed to providing value added solutions to promote access & usability while eliminating data redundancies. We realize leveraging multiple data sets within one system can produce enhance capabilities in critical and strategic decision making. Our products have provided customers the necessary tools to track and manage multiple day to day workflow processes by creating new solutions to meet a clients specific need and formatting and processing existing data resulting in unrealized benefits. 


    • Database Development and Implementation
    • Documentation Development
    • Web Development
    • Training & On-Site Support