Here at VanJoh Graphics our clients are our top priority.  Our goal is to serve the missions of our clients with high quality, cost effective and efficient facility support services. We rigorously adhere to business principles of integrity, quality, innovation, communication and teamwork.


“Solutions that go beyond a customer’s expectations.”

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Integrity, to include being truthful; standing behind our work product; protecting the interests of customers and the company; appreciating differences in people’s styles, cultures, gifts, and skills; supporting decisions once they have been made; and accepting responsibility for our actions, attitudes, and mistakes.

Quality, to include meeting or exceeding the expectations of customers and team members; ensuring that customer requirements are defined and understood; checking work and submitting it for peer review; evaluating, documenting, and validating results; demonstrating a strong, professional work ethic; craving learning; constantly developing personal and professional skills; and performing the best work at all times.

Innovation, to include seeking the better way so that the company is always the industry benchmark; exploring new ideas; listening thoughtfully to the ideas of others; remaining on the cutting edge of the industry; having the courage to challenge the norm; and being knowledgeable in the products, processes, and services of competitors.

Communication, to include listening without judgment; speaking up; sharing ideas and opinions even if they are different from those of the majority; encouraging others to do the same; being upfront and forthright about expectations and obstacles; explaining decisions and allowing others to offer alternatives; providing clear and constructive feedback; and conveying to team members the potential of their projects.

Teamwork, to include being committed to the team’s common purpose and goal; addressing conflicts openly; supporting the growth and success of team members regardless of position; making time to help others meet critical deadlines; accepting success and failure as a team; and acting with the reality that what is done, or is not done, affects the team, and the organization as a whole.