Date: 2016 – 2017
Location: APG, MD
Managed as sub-contractor
On-Site Support:

  • Review Physical Real Property
  • Complete Physical Real Property
  • Review GFEBS Records
  • Update GFEBS Records
  • Verification Surveys
  • Update Physical Folder


The CFO of 1990 (Public Law 101-576) was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush on November 15, 1990. It mandates that the chief financial officers of agencies covered by the Act develop and maintain agency financial management systems that comply with applicable accounting principles, standards, and requirements; internal control standards;  Department of the Treasury, and other regulatory and standards setting organizations. The CFOA focuses on the government’s responsibility to use timely, reliable, and comprehensive financial information when making decisions. Despite good intentions and past efforts, the Army financial management leadership concluded that compliance would require replacing its legacy systems with GFEBS. GFEBS is designed to satisfy the statutory requirements of the CFOA. To support APG’s Phase 1 CFOA requirement, VANJOH reviews and completes the Real Property Assets (RPA) for APG’s DPW. The following steps were executed to track each folder:


  • Physical RP files: Examine RP hardcopy files for source documentation completeness: including original DD 1354, current floor plans, maps, color photographs (mandatory), DD 2877, cost details, GFEBS screen shots & attestation memos), disposal records, equipment records that exceed capitalization thresholds or change depreciation schedules, and other data.
  • Validate OACSIM’s 9 Data Elements for (RPA) : RPA PIS date, RPA Interest Type Code, RPUID, RPA Historic Status Code, Asset Configuration Design Use (FACCODE, CATCODE, Total Size Unit of Measure, and Size Quantity).
  • Reconcile GFEBS to the Physical RP Files: When anomalies are found, the required/accepted Memorandum(s), per OACSIM’s Audit Readiness Handbook v3, are drafted and staffed for signatures. Only after signatures are complete are changes made within GFEBS.
  • GFEBS Record Examination and Data Corrections/Updates: Examine all RP records currently entered into GFEBS for accuracy and completeness. Enter all data necessary for GFEBS to be compliant and complete including updating pooled space and rental objects, unit of measure, CATCODES (including CATCODE changes for SCIF structures), and update/correct data in GFEBS so it aligns with the down trace systems square footage for accurate energy usage reporting.