Date: 2013 – 2014
Location: APG, MD
Managed as sub-contractor
  On-Site Support:

  • Planning/Space Management
  • Facility Utilization
  • CADD


Real Property Accountability:  Headquarters Department of the AMY (HQDA) requires the Installation Commanders to conduct local real property inventories and report certain general information and statistical data so that a central inventory of Army military real property accountability records may be maintained.  Department of Defence Directive (DODD) 4165.14 requires each military department to establish and maintain a Real Property Inventory (RPI) to satisfy the Office of the Secretary of Defence (OSD) reporting requirement.  The AE will establish accountability management procedures sufficient to maintain records of all real property.

Provide Accountability Controls:  Controls must be put into place to ensure that proper accountability is maintained from the time the Real Property Accountable Officer (RPAO) signs a Department of Defence Form (DD Form) 1354, Transfer and Acceptance of Military Real Property, then adds it to the accountable records until the time that the Government relinquishes ownership through such means as disposal actions.

Facility Utilization Management:   The DoD must provide a quality workplace environment that supports program operations, and preserves the value of real property assets. The Army goal of space utilization planning and management is to maximize the efficient use and value to the Government of the Army controlled land, facilities, and space to support assigned missions per AR 405-70. Achieving this goal requires the commitment of each Installation Commander and his/her staff in meeting two key objectives: ( I ) reduce the need to construct or acquire land and facilities by efficiently using existing Army-controlled  facilities, and (2) determine any shortfalls or excesses in assigned facilities and develop plans to deal with the shortfalls or excesses.