The US Army Tenant/Garrison Contracting Division contracted with AECOM Technical Services, Inc. to provide FUS and PRISMS services for Aberdeen Proving Ground Directorate of Public Works (APG DPW). AECOM subcontracted with Spatial Engineering, Inc, who subcontracted with VanJoh to provide the services in accordance with the Scope of Services entered by the parties.

Relevant to SIN 132 51, FUS and ePRISMS services were provided to gain control of an outdated Real Property Inventory (RPI). ePRISMS is a tool that allows facility managers to combine existing and new CAD data with RPI data to visualize a more holistic view of how the APG community utilizes its space. ePRISMS allows APG to provide a more accurate RPI to compare and update GFEBS (the RPI database of record); without which a continued effort to refresh facility and organizational data as it changes, no program would be successful.

The FUS and ePRISMS services were provided to DPW’s Business Operations Integration Division, Engineering and Construction Division, Operations and Maintenance Division, Environmental Division and over 80 Garrison Supported Organizations.


VanJoh’s methodology consisted of providing DPW at Aberdeen Proving Ground with the following services:

  • Facility Surveys to create CADD Engineering Plans. These surveys are conducted to capture all the necessary information to create a complete architectural floor plan of the facility. These floor plans will be used for the bases of future facility designs as wells as the foundation for the APG Space Planning System (ePRISMS). Information is collected through the use of handheld digital measuring devices and conversion into Microstation V8i CADD engineering drawings.
  • Conduct Facility Studies to gather data for the APG Space Planning System (ePRISMS). These studies are performed to gather real property data about the facilities use. This information includes how the building is being utilized and occupied. This data is entered into the ePRISMS System to generate reports on a Facilities Utilization.


          • The final deliverables are as follows:
          • Creation of 455 Facility CADD Floor Plans.
          • Survey of 9.5 Million GSF of facilities (455 Facilities) for Real Property Space Data.
          • Entered into the ePRISMS system 9.5 Million GSF of Facility Real Property Data.
          • Prepared Facility Utilization Reports on 455 Facilities (9.5 Million GSF).
          • Updated Real Property Data into IFS system on 455 Facilities (9.5 Million GSF).
          • Populated the ePRISMS system with photos for 455 facilities.
          • The ability to accurately update the real property inventory (GFEBS/IFS).
          • Efficient determination of the locations of any/all organizations at APG.