Date: 2016 – Present
Location: APG, MD
Managed as sub-contractor
On-Site Support:

  • GFEBS/FMS System
  • Work Order Tracking
  • Web/Database Development
  • Documentation Development
  • Field Survey
  • Training

Project Description:

APG DPW operates and maintains 3,300 facilities, structures, utilities, roads, land and over 40,000 pieces of equipment in over 30,000 separate locations. DPW serves over 80 Garrison Supported Organizations (GSO) consisting of about 20,000 civilian and military personnel and over 16 million square feet of space. DPW provides facility operations and maintenance, design, construction, utility, and energy conservation, recycling; solid waste management, custodial services, landscaping, and environmental, safety and occupational health. An estimated 40,000 real property equipment items require tracking, preventative maintenance, repair, and replacement parts.

As a result of this project, several items must be tracked, captured and managed including scheduling of Preventive and Corrective (P&C) tasks, completed P&C actions, materials and parts used, time and cost, etc. The DPW FMS was used to track, schedule and manage these items. The PM Work Order process allows DPW to track these issued work orders through to completion. This project updated issued work orders, tracked and captured completed results of PM, and input data to the FMS and GFEBS systems. This contract also managed and tracked all warehouse inventory for parts and materials required during P&C maintenance.

Project Outcome and Benefits:

  • Capture, track, manage, and update issued Preventive and Corrective Work Orders through FMS & GFEBS.
  • Manage data extracts from GFEBS to FMS for Work Orders (job plans, frequencies, parts/materials).
  • Track material movement through FMS and GFEBS MIGO transactions.
  • Setup and organize parts and materials warehouse.
  • Update FMS to include Warranty and Parts & Material Inventory Management.
  • Develop process to capture, track, manage and update Tenant funded PM actions.