• The CFO of 1990 (Public Law 101-576) was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush on November 15, 1990. It mandates that the chief financial officers of agencies covered by the Act develop and maintain agency financial management systems that comply with applicable accounting principles, standards, and requirements; internal control standards; Department of the Treasury, and other regulatory and standards setting organizations.

  • Headquarters Department of the Anny (HQDA) requires the Installation Commanders to conduct local real property inventories and report certain general information and statistical data so that a central inventory of Army military real property accountability records may be maintained.

  • APG DPW operates and maintains facilities, structures, utilities, roads, land and all of the related equipment located on APG.  DPW currently has inventoried approximately 3,300 facilities, structures, utilities and land, identified by over 40,000 separate locations with over 25,000 pieces of equipment.

  • The US Army Tenant/Garrison Contracting Division contracted with AECOM Technical Services, Inc. to provide FUS and PRISMS services for Aberdeen Proving Ground Directorate of Public Works (APG DPW). AECOM subcontracted with Spatial Engineering, Inc, who subcontracted with VanJoh to provide the services in accordance with the Scope of Services entered by the parties.

  • Interactive Space Management System (PRISMS) survey at APG, Maryland and provide the dgn with PRISMS polygons and PRISMS metadata. The contract also included support to upload all PRISMS Standard Files to the O&M Team for inclusion to ePRISMS. 

  • APG DPW operates and maintains 3,300 facilities, structures, utilities, roads, land and over 40,000 pieces of equipment in over 30,000 separate locations. DPW serves over 80 Garrison Supported Organizations (GSO) consisting of about 20,000 civilian and military personnel and over 16 million square feet of space.