Date: 2013 – 2016
Location: APG, MD
Managed as sub-contractor
On-Site Support:

  • GFEBS Support
  • FMS Support
  • Document Management
  • Preventative Maintenance Work Order Management 

VANJOH provides FMS services allowing DPW to manage, capture and track: inspection, maintenance and repair activities.  This allows management to optimize the use of its scarce resources (manpower, equipment, material and funds) to maintain an organization’s facilities.  These include the management of Corrective Maintenance (CM), Preventive Maintenance (PM), Individual Job Orders (IJO), Parts Inventory Management, Work Force Scheduling, Warranty Management, Safety and Regulation Control and facilities and equipment life-cycle tracking.

  • FMS and GFEBS Services
    • Field verify installed equipment to confirm make, model and serial number, recording the physical location and where possible, capturing equipment photos.
    • Manage the entry process of all equipment data into APG’s FMS (Facility Management System) and ARMY’s GFEBS systems.
    • Develop job plans for all new equipment using the manufacturer’s Operations and Maintenance manuals.
    • Load equipment and location data,  job plans and PM information into GFEBS using data extracted from FMS.
    • Setup Preventive Maintenance Plans in GFEBS to allow releasing of all work orders.
    • Extract work order data including Demand Maintenance Order (DMO), Preventive Maintenance Order (PMO), Project Work Order (PWO) and Operations Work Order (OWO), location, equipment and Real Property Inventory (RPI) data from GFEBS to update FMS.
    • Update all work orders with completed results.
    • Generate various reports using data from FMS and GFEBS.
    • Provide FMS and GFEBS end user training and documentation.
    • Create equipment barcodes.
  • Develop, maintain and manage the DPW’s Facility Maintenance System.  The FMS system provides:
    • Submittal and tracking of service requests.
    • Submittal and tracking of Individual Job Orders (IJO).
    • Tracking, managing and updating of PM Work Orders.
    • Create and manage location, equipment, job plan and PM information.
    • Attach documents such as manuals, pictures, drawings, forms, notes, etc.
    • Work Order Inventory Controls
    • Equipment warranty information

Project Outcomes and Benefits

  • Capture, track, manage, and update issued Preventive and Corrective Work Orders through FMS & GFEBS.
  • Manage data extracts from GFEBS to FMS for Work Orders (job plans, frequencies, parts/materials).
  • Track material movement through FMS and GFEBS MIGO transactions.
  • Setup and organize parts and materials warehouse.
  • Update FMS to include Warranty and Parts & Material Inventory Management. 
  • Develop process to capture, track, manage and update Tenant funded PM actions.
  • Equipment barcode tagging for improved tracking.