Date: 2016 – 2017
Location: APG, MD
Managed as sub-contractor
On-Site Support:

  • Surveys
  • Data Verification
  • CADD (Microstation V8i)
  • Training


Conduct Facility Utilization Surveys and manage and populate the Enterprise Proactive Real Property Interactive Space Management System (ePRISMS) at APG, Maryland.  The contract also included support to upload all PRISMS Standard Files to the O&M Team for inclusion to ePRISMS.  Furthermore this contract included providing support to edit/update GFEBS with RPI usage data generated from the FUS.  There were 200 facilities VANJOH surveyed which comes to approximately 2 million square feet. While adhering to the ePRISMS QAP 3.2.2 and other ARMY Real Property Regulations, the following support was provided:

  • Building Exteriors: Verified and updated exterior layouts for all buildings included in the survey using laser measuring devices.
  • Building Interiors: When a building had existing floor plans, VANJOH verified and updated layouts, structural columns, walls, permanent or semi-permanent partitions, locations of doors and windows, its category code, unit identification code (UIC) and unit description. When floor plans did not exist, VANJOH created ePRISMS PSF CAD files of all interior and exterior areas.
  • Verify Room Numbers: Verified and updated all room numbers.
  • Photos: Photos were taken of each building surveyed with a front and oblique view that shows two sides of the building.
  • PRISMS Standard File (PSF):  All facility floor plans were created in accordance with PRISMS QAP 3.2.2
  • ePRISMS: All new ePRISMS PSF floor plans were uploaded to the IMCOM O&M Team for loading into ePRISMS.  All Space Usage and Man Power data was entered through the ePRISMS dashboard.  All existing ePRISMS CADD data polygons were updated using the latest ePRISMS Tools, then uploaded to ePRISMS using the ePRISMS Dashboard.
  • DD1354 Forms: All Category Code conversions and updates were completed using the latested DD1354 Form with the appropriate approvals by the RPAO and HQ’s.
  • Assignment Letters: Assignment letters were prepared, routed, approved and mailed to the necessary organization for all UIC changes.
  • GFEBS: Updates were made in GFEBS using RPI Usage data.  All pooled space, rental space, utilization rate and survey dates were updated.

Project Outcomes and Benefits: The following describes actions completed:

  • Created 196 Facility CADD Floor Plans
  • Surveyed 1.8 Million GSF of facilities (196 Facilities).
  • Entered 108 Facilities into ePRISMS.
  • Prepared Facility Utilization Reports on 196 Facilities (1.8 Million GSF).
  • Updated Real Property Usage Data into GFEBS for 196 Facilities (1.8 Million GSF).
  • Populated ePRISMS with photos for 108 facilities.
  • The ability to accurately update the real property inventory (GFEBS/ePRISMS).
  • Efficient determination of  locations for any/all organizations at APG.
  • Determine accurate real net useable to gross ratios for space utilization calculations.
  • Man Power comparison with the Army Stationing & Installation Plan (ASIP).
  • Accurately determine true facility requirements through RPLANS justifying future projects