At VanJoh we understand the value of Workflow Process Tracking. We believe it is essential to manage and track our projects by developing Web Based Software Solutions to ensure complete and effective results. Our DPW Work Order Website Development and Web Based Tracking Software Solutions have provided the necessary tools to insure project focus. Our Facility Management System (FMS) Software, RPI Survey & Project Close-Out Tools and On-Line Web Based Project Management provide an end-to-end solution for project tracking, real property management and asset maintenance management.

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VanJoh is committed to providing value added solutions to promote access & usability while eliminating data redundancies. We realize leveraging multiple data sets within one system can produce enhance capabilities in critical and strategic decision making. Our products have provided customers the necessary tools to track and manage multiple day to day workflow processes by creating new solutions to meet a clients specific need and formatting and processing existing data resulting in unrealized benefits. 


    • Database Development and Implementation
    • Documentation Development
    • Web Development
    • Training & On-Site Support